Artist Profile

Jeanette Faulkner Clarke I graduated from Gloucester University in 2008 with a degree in fine art and history of art, and I am currently living and practising in Worcestershire.

I have exhibited at art centres and galleries in Worcestershire, Cheltenham and Birmingham. I also have on going exhibitions at other galleries and locations around the country.

My aim as an artist is to depict the aesthetically-pleasing or emotive aspect of an image, however, I always strive to reveal the deeper level, to extract the sense of being and magnificence which resides in everything.

All artists endeavour to achieve this, we all just happen to apply an individual response in relation to the chosen subject.

I am constantly filled with wonder at all the things in existence, there is an energy, a connection which we are all part of. All things are important, from the smallest, to the vastness; size is totally irrelevant.

For this reason, my work covers a wide variety of subject matter.

I like to use a wide range of mediums and materials, i.e. inks, watercolour, oils etc. They all have a distinct quality of character of their own and depending on what is being painted, I then choose whatever I think will attain the desired result.